After two years of Off Grid Blues, we’re trying a new tack in 2013: Off Grid Blues Intensives. Instead of 60 dancers, which matches the size of the ecovillage, we’ll be offering the same incredible instruction in an even more intimate environment.

Consider joining us for an intensive learning and community building experience.  It’ll be right after Bluesshout. You will have access to some of the same instructors and live music, but in a room of 20 instead of 60 or more. Register now.

When: May 3-5 2013.

Where: Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in rural northeastern Missouri — a carpool from St Louis, Chicago and other midwestern cities.

Why: Between personalized feedback and small group dance classes, this is an event that will energize you and give you new tools for your dancing. It will also give you a window into ecovillage life.

What: The goal of the intensive is for dancers to receive a lot of personal attention from instructors as well as feedback from peers. Each morning starts with a rotation through instructors, getting personalized feedback. The curriculum is integrated and three classes throughout the day build technique and vocabulary.  The last class of the day is a structured practice and feedback session, for people to work on what they have been learning.  Everyone will be asked to participate meaningfully in food preparation to keep costs low.

Who: Space is limited so we expect to cap attendance at 20-ish. Plus, we have 6 incredible instructors and live music from Josh Fialkoff and friends.

Register: Register now.  It will be $165 plus $35 for food (not optional).